AWP at Architektur Sommer Rhein-Main Lab 2014 : Region Im Fluss

  “With almost 5.6 million inhabitants, the Rhein-Main metropolitan region is one of the fastest-growing regions in Germany and one of the most dynamic cultural and economic regions in Europe.*In order to do justice to this dynamics and to contribute to the positive development of the region, the cities of Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Offenbach and Wiesbaden have been holding a joint Summer of Architecture on the initiative of freelance architects, culture workers, and politicians since 2011. This serves to intensify cross-city cultural cooperations and reflect on regional architecture and urban development projects. The individual local Summer of Architecture initiatives focus deliberately on the image of the particular city in which they take place, the image of the region as a whole, and the development of a regional identity. The Rhein-Main Summer of Architecture is more than just an event themed on architecture and urban development; instead, it is an international, cultural network and forum for a wide range of players committed to sustainable urban development and planning of buildings and open areas.The Darmstadt Summer of Architecture was held for the first time in 2008, involving an examination, discussion and interrogation of fundamental and current aspects of architecture, open area planning, and urban development in the form of a wide range of events in collaboration with numerous cooperation partners from the region on the subject of architecture.

The aim is to concentrate the potential of the participating institutions once again in 2014–15 so as to explore, both practically and theoretically, together with internationally renowned artists, designers, theorists, curators and architects how the region combines its dynamic growth with the demands of a high quality of life and what role culture can play in these processes.”


*Source: Regionalmonitoring, Regionalverband 2012