Exhibition, Fondazione MAXXI. National museum of XXI Century of Arts in Rome

“An exhibition composed of journeys, experiences and returns
telling the stories of the many Italian architects to have found success abroad.

From the role of Giacomo Quarenghi in St Petersburg to the work of Lina Bo Bardi in Brazil and through to Pietro Belluschi in the United States and Romaldo Giugola – still active in Australia – or even Renzo Piano, the migratroy paths followed by some of our leading talents are well known and well established within the international historiography of architecture.

The exhibition Erasmus Effect investigates the progressive acceleration that the phenomenon of “migrant” Italian architecture has undergone in recent decades. From the work of the established international companies to the projects and built works of the young Italian studios, shedding light on both the “widespread quality” of their work and the dense network of collaborations and trans-national ateliers born in the wake of the “Erasmus generation”.

And lastly, the “star” migrants, not just architects, but voices, faces and stories capable of recounting a very extensive phenomenon and to lend energy and substance to the commitment of those striving to ensure that this precious Italian talent may return home.”

(source : Fondazione MAXXI)


Catalogue ERASMUS EFFECT. Italian Architects Abroad
edited by Pippo Ciorra, Caterina Padoa Schioppa  Quodlibet, 2013

Exhibition design : Lo-Tek, New-York