Invisible Modern Architecture

Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017, ‘Make New History’ – Artistic Directors Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee: “Invisible Modern Architecture aims to examine the legacy and propose a forward-looking reuse of late modernist architecture, slab urbanism, underground infrastructure, and invisible structures. Part of a series, initially developed in collaboration with artist Ania Soliman, the project will continue exploration of post-digital architecture and post-digital institutions to open the field for a communal imaginary. Invisible Modern Architecture takes on the contested topic of an urban thickness: slabs and deck typologies centralize criticism around the abandonment of natural reference in favor of abstract and artificial architecture. AWP confronts a strategic question concerning the underground, within the context of Paris’ CBD La Défense: how to appropriate and reuse the thick, multi-layered, and highly infrastructural modern city towards contemporary discourse?” (excerpt from the Chicago Architecture Biennial catalogue – edited by the Artistic Directors Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee, 2017)


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Publication à l’occasion de l’invitation à la Biennale d’Architecture de Chicago, installation et conférence, Chicago, US 2017, ‘Make New History’ – Direction artistique Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee

Rencontre de 6 territoires avec les sous-sols de la Défense : recherche métrique, esthétique, choc plastique sur l’héritage de la deuxième modernité


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