TEDX FAB Countdown

The Parisian design practitioners Marc and Matthias Armengaud take up, as members of the Greater Geneva international consultation group, an innovative stance in working with the visible and invisible urban networks, both as background as well as active and poetic transition agents.


Marc Armengaud is an architect at AWP, territorial reconfiguration agency ; Matthias ARMENGAUD is a philosopher and work at AWP, territorial reconfiguration agency, too. For this project, they have worked in collaboration with among others Martin Rein-Cano (Topotek 1) and Dieter Dietz (EPFL).


This intervention was the sixth part of our conference “The Architecture of Transition: buildings, cities and landscapes in the prism of the climate change”. Our built environment will be the cause, the effect and the stage of our future sustainable lives. Imagination, precision and agency of change are the indispensable traits of the creative consciousness that will power design thinking and practices.